Rare liquors and gourmet ingredient filled chocolates: an unexpected elegant pairing

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Case Chocolates is born, as founder and Houston native Casey McNeil has a chocolate experience that sends him on a years-long journey across the world, bringing a rare and coveted technique home to spread to his community. Chocolate pairings with loving, well-thought-out intention creates an elevated experience, and when shared with an awesome community, a spiritual experience.

Spirits and Wine


We began collecting rare spirits and wine, a journey that led him around the world in search of unique flavors in everything from Armagnac to Zwack. Whiskey collectors and enthusiasts of niche spirits rejoice: you can have all that and eat your chocolate, too.



Casey trains under a Swiss master chocolatier for 6 months, learning the coveted and highly technical process of producing liquid-filled chocolates. They continue to work together today on Case Chocolates.



The first stop on the hunt for delicious and unique cacao flavors! Case and his team also want to connect with the human beings that work the soil, harvest the fruit, and create the magic that is chocolate and to tell their stories, so they spend time on the farms, with their (new) Peruvian friends.

The Journey


One of the most exciting things about Case Chocolates is the perpetual honoring of change and seasonality. Case and his team will continue to distinguish more and more destinations to source cacao, telling stories through the seasons that not only speak to flavors, but also the natural ebb and flow of our communal, human story as we share the planet and the seasons together.


TASTING ROOM NOT OPEN YET - coming March 2024

Reservations only. Join us for a journey through fine cacao, wines, spirits, and more in our speakeasy location in East Downtown, Houston.

Each tasting comes with cocktail pairings (mocktails upon request) and lasts approximately 1 hour.